Sunday, October 18, 2009

Letterboxing and Leaf Peeping Gather

What a great day and a fantastic location. Letterboxing and Leaf Peeping took place Saturday, October 17 at Dennis Hill State Park in Norfolk, CT, hosted by Jonah's Whalers. The weathermen were all doom and gloom with rain, snow and flood watches, but the day was dry, if windy, and even sunny! The pavilion had a fireplace which was toasty and always surrounded by chilled boxers. The potlock table was filled with snacks, apples, hot chocolate fixings, cake, and we contributed a wild greens and ramps stuffed bread. We set up a small tent for the kids to take shelter in from the wind, but they were mostly content to play with a golf set and tackle each other on the lawn, much to many mothers' dismay. I only worried about the grass stains on Gillian's jacket, she behaved well all day.

Upon arrival, Robert headed out to hike the trails with Hez and Grumpy, and they did a great job finding 28 boxes, some I cannot find listed to log. I stayed behind at the pavilion to do exchanges, PTs, tabletop boxes, and the easy, fun Five Green and Speckled Frogs with Gillian and another girl. I contributed another road sign to International Road Signs, got the Boch's Circus stamps, was able to contribute to the HH Hostel, and added the Multi-tool parts to the body that Robert had found on the trail. We won a mini log book at the raffle. We had brought a bag with 4 different jellies made from foraged fruits and a foraging book, which was won by Sally O and her daughter Happy Penguin. At one surreal point, a bunch of motorcycles pulled up with Santa in a convertible, and he gave the kids some popcorn balls. It appeared they were on a charity toy ride around town. Another inky-fingered event, but fun!

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David Baril Jr. said...

Give the host some time to post all the boxes that were at the gather. Atlas Quest is set up so that we can no longer post boxes, predated, which means we have to post all new boxes that day or days after. If nothing shows up after a week, then email the host and they will be more than glad to help you out.

Glad the weather held out for the most part. Sounded like a wonderful time.