Monday, August 9, 2010

A few observations about Maine letterboxing. . .

Mudflingin Fools were not joking when she told me the mosquito is the state bird.

Lots of boxes! Lovely views!

Creeping myrtle looks a lot like lowbush blueberries.

Camping at Thomas Point Beach is super fun. I need to sign up for next year's event.

Eating clams dug from the mud flats by Ford at 9PM with lots of melted butter= divine.

Letterboxers are a brave and generous bunch when it comes to trying our foraged fare. From the potluck food to our jams, I think everyone had a taste!

There are a lot of partridge berries in Maine. There are also a lot of chokecherry trees. Oddly, there are very few autumn olve bushes in Brunswick, making it difficult for me to describe what they are to curious people.

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