Friday, June 8, 2012

Microfungi and Slime Molds

The macro world is truly fascinating. Robert is teaching himself how to photograph smaller and smaller specimens, taking them home and carefully controlling the environment and light to try to get their features in focus. Even the slightest breeze at these magnifications creates a blur. Most we have no ideas on, or even where to start looking for identification information. Lots of helpful suggestions come from social media, some from Googling "slime molds", and some from the members of CVMS. I just find these things beautiful. I added the sizes of the specimens to the captions.

Arcyria cinerea, on decayed beech, 3 mm tall

Fuligo septica, on decayed wood, mass about 14 cm X 6 cm

Physarum viride, on decayed beech, 2-3 mm tall, each head had burst open
by the next day into a fluffy pom-pom

Stemonites species, Chocolate Tube Slime, on decayed wood,
about 2 cm tall

Trichia decipiens, on decayed wood, 2-3 mm tall

Unknown stalked cup, on decayed wood, 4-6 mm tall


HenoftheWood said...

Amazing pics. Great work!

Anonymous said...

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