Monday, August 31, 2015

Polypore Mushrooms

Trametes versicolor

Most polypore fungi are found on wood, and they are just doing their job, which is breaking down the lignins in the wood. Fungi are great recyclers. Many of the harder polypores can persist for a whole year or longer, and we can always find them in the forest in different stages of freshness and ages. While polypores tend to be tough and dull with age, they can be brilliantly colored and flexible when fresh.

Lenzites betulina
Polyporus squamosus
Fresh Trichaptum biforme
Another Trichaptum biforme, with fresh growth on the older shelves
Some Trichaptums have tiny (less than 1 mm) Phaeocalicium ascomycetes growing on the edges
Trametes versicolor
Another fresh Trametes versicolor, the color bands can vary widely

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