Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yule Log 2017

Another year, another cold winter, and another Yule Log cake. This is a vanilla bisquit filled with a dark chocolate whipped ganache, frosted with coffee-flavored Italian buttercream. I made the traditional meringue mushrooms, and jazzed them up this year, with my attempt at five different species: Trametes versicolor, Amanita muscaria, Cortinarius iodes, Agaicus campestris, and Cantharellus cibarius. I ended up using colored candy melts for the colors and details, and the pine needle base was green candy covered All Bran cereal.


PepperReed said...

Wow! That's pretty spectacular! The mushrooms especially look great and I'll be it was delicious (but don't mind me if I don't sample that Amanita...).

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert, Karen and Gillian, I'm totally smitten with your fabulous Yule Log. I've never seen a better or more beautiful one on the internet. Long time ago I made several times a Bûche de Noël - in Germany we use this French name for it - for my sons birthday in late December but it wasn't half as nice and interesting as yours. I like your blog and I'm so impressed by these big mushrooms that you can find in your country. Unfortunately I've forgotten all that I had known about mushrooms when I had been a child. But I want to learn that again and actually I'm looking for someone who can teach me mushroom hunting again. Good luck for you three foragers.