Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yule Log 2017

Another year, another cold winter, and another Yule Log cake. This is a vanilla bisquit filled with a dark chocolate whipped ganache, frosted with coffee-flavored Italian buttercream. I made the traditional meringue mushrooms, and jazzed them up this year, with my attempt at five different species: Trametes versicolor, Amanita muscaria, Cortinarius iodes, Agaicus campestris, and Cantharellus cibarius. I ended up using colored candy melts for the colors and details, and the pine needle base was green candy covered All Bran cereal.

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PepperReed said...

Wow! That's pretty spectacular! The mushrooms especially look great and I'll be it was delicious (but don't mind me if I don't sample that Amanita...).