Sunday, April 9, 2023

Foraging Walks, Presentations, and Classes


 The 2023 foraging season is certainly under way here in southern New England. We have already been out in a few libraries and community centers giving presentations, along with private presentations for garden clubs throughout the state. Our schedule can be very busy and the most updated listing is up on our Facebook page and we also have an informational listing at the Connecticut Library Consortium page at


We are always happy to work with your local library, nature center, land trust, home school group, or even your own private group for a foraging talk or walk, just contact us at for pricing information.

Most of our in-person presentations take 55 minutes, have corresponding educational handouts, and we try to bring some representative plant or mushroom materials for hands-on learning. We can provide program descriptions, a bio, and promotional support on our social media page for public events.


Edible Wild Plants and Fungi of Spring: Covers the shoots, edible flowers, early fruits, and mushrooms of spring, April through mid June

Edible Wild Plants and Fungi of Summer: Covers the greens, fruits, and plentiful mushrooms of summer, mid June through August

Edible Wild Plants and Fungi of Autumn: Covers the nuts, tubers, fruits, and abundant mushrooms of autumn, September through November

Invasive Plants as Food: Discusses the edible parts of our common invasive plants and shows some of the delicious recipes that can be made with them, let's use our appetite as a weapon to control invasives

Your Edible Landscape: Discusses the surprisingly edible and delicious plants that most people plant in their yard as ornamentals

Edible Wild Mushrooms of Connecticut: Covers the best edible mushrooms in southern New England by season

Mushroom Identification for Beginners: An instructional class about the steps that should be taken and features that need to be observed to identify wild mushrooms using multiple resources

Foraging Fantastic, Delicious, Deadly, and Glowing Mushrooms: An entertaining look at some of the most amazing wild mushrooms we have encountered



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