Saturday, April 30, 2022

Edible Wild Mushroom of Connecticut- In person Presentation, New Britain Public Library, June 14, 6:00 pm



Craterellus fallax, the black trumpet chanterelle

Are you a mycophobe or mycophile? Southern New England offers an incredible array of tastes and textures in its wild mushrooms that can't be found at the grocery store!
The 3 Foragers will discuss the best edible wild mushrooms that can be found in Connecticut, and show recipes that have been made with wild foraged mushrooms. Explore the edible treasures by season, and learn the best ways to identify, collect, and prepare wild fungi for the table.
Grifola frondoa, maitake

The 3 Foragers have worked with over 150 libraries, nature centers, summer camps, garden clubs, land trusts, and private citizens to learn the wild edible plants and fungi of Southern New England since 2016. Their blog, Facebook page, and book all focus on family-friendly, environmentally sustainable harvest of wild plants and fungi, and ways to incorporate these foods into your diet with original recipes.
Please contact the New Britain Library to register at (860) 224-3155
Baorangia bicolor, the bicolor bolete


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