Saturday, April 30, 2022

Mushroom ID for Beginners-- In Person Class and Walk, June 18, Northeastern Connecticut



Collection of assorted Boletes

What are those weird things that pop up in the woods after the rain? Are you mystified by wild mushrooms? Curious? Scared? Or do they make you hungry?
Join The 3 Foragers as they share some of the secrets of the fungal world and teach you how to safely identify wild mushrooms using various available tools and techniques. You'll learn how to use your senses to examine mushrooms for their sights, smells, and tastes, and consider the relationships between fungi and the natural world around us. We will dispel common myths, and discuss mycophagy, the cooking and eating of wild mushrooms. This is a sit down presentation followed by a short walk. Bring a pen to take notes, a handout will be provided.
Laetiporus cincinnatus

The 3 Foragers have been studying, photographing, and eating wild plants and fungi since 2005, and have given over 150 educational walks, lectures, and private classes for libraries, land trusts, nature centers, summer camps, and garden clubs since 2016.

Location is in Northeast Connecticut near Rhode Island and Massachusetts border, the exact location will be emailed to participants. Registration is required, call Karen 860-639-9385 or email with subject "mushroom ID"
Class costs $20 per adult, payment through Venmo or cash the day of the class. Minimum of 20 people for the class to happen. Bring a snack and enjoy the site afterwards. 


Mycena leaiana

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